The All-In-One Solution! Fully Automated Funnels And Follow-Up Campaigns Every Conversation In One Place To Get Leads and Customers

Small Call to Action Headline It's All Pre-Built And Ready To Use. Just Edit The Copy And Go!


Get Leads From Website, Webchat, SMS, DMs, and More

When you’re away, have Profit Pulse AI follow up via text so you never lose another customer.

Follow Up With Our Pre-Built Email, SMS, & Messenger Marketing Campaigns

Step 1: Get Leads From Every Channel...Not Just Websites.

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent customers, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

  • Communicate Efficiently With Customers and Leads

  • Get Paid Faster Than Ever

  • Grow Your Audience

  • AutomateYour Online Reviews

"Discovery Call" Funnel

Your ultimate solution for converting leads into high-value clients.

Capture attention with an enticing landing page, prompting prospects to schedule a discovery call. Showcase expertise, understand their needs, and offer tailored solutions during the call.

Nurture the relationship with a follow-up email sequence. This efficient funnel includes a two-step opt-in process, a well-designed landing page, a booking system, and personalized follow-up.

The "Consulting Appointments" Funnel

A game-changer for consultants looking to attract and convert clients. This dynamic funnel guides prospects through a seamless journey, showcasing expertise and offering valuable insights.

With an optimized landing page, an irresistible lead magnet, and a compelling call-to-action, the "Consulting Funnel" helps you connect with your target audience and turn them into high-paying clients.

The "Book Sales" Funnel

Maximize your book sales with the transformative power of the "Book Sales" funnel. Designed to captivate readers and boost conversions, this funnel combines a captivating sales page, compelling book description, and seamless checkout process.

Engage your target audience, showcase the value of your book, and effortlessly guide them towards making a purchase.

The "Business Masterclass" Funnel

This powerful funnel is designed to attract aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike. Engage your target audience with a captivating landing page, offering them an exclusive opportunity to join your transformative masterclass.

Deliver high-value content, showcase your expertise, and convert participants into loyal clients. Unlock the potential of your business knowledge with the "Business Masterclass" funnel and watch your influence and success soar.

The "Events" Funnel

Ignite excitement and boost attendance with the dynamic "Events" funnel. This comprehensive funnel is tailored to maximize event registrations and engagement.

From a captivating landing page that highlights the event's key features to a streamlined registration process, this funnel ensures a seamless user experience.

Utilize compelling event details, testimonials, and enticing offers to entice your target audience.

Make your events unforgettable with the power of the "Events" funnel and create a buzz that leaves attendees wanting more.

The "Lead Capture" Funnel

Harness the power of the "Lead Capture" funnel to effortlessly capture and convert valuable leads. This highly optimized funnel is designed to attract and engage your target audience, enticing them to provide their contact information.

With a captivating landing page, an irresistible lead magnet, and a seamless opt-in process, this funnel enables you to build a high-quality email list and nurture prospects into loyal customers.

Supercharge your lead generation efforts with the "Lead Capture" funnel and unlock the potential of your business.

The "Marketing" Funnel

Unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts with the transformative "Marketing" funnel.

Designed to drive conversions and maximize ROI, this powerful funnel combines captivating landing pages, persuasive sales copy, and strategic lead generation tactics.

Engage your target audience, nurture leads, and effortlessly guide them towards making a purchase. With the "Marketing" funnel, you'll experience heightened brand visibility, increased customer acquisition, and a boost in revenue.

Elevate your marketing game and outshine the competition with this game-changing funnel.

The "Missed Call Text Back" Sequence

Never Lose Business To A Missed Call Again!

We'll turn every missed call into a text message conversation

Every time an inbound call to your business goes unanswered, we'll send a text message back to the caller within seconds!

No missed-calls left behind. When they reply, we'll push you a notification from our mobile app, where you can continue the convo!

The "Discount and Coupon" Funnel

Drive sales and boost customer engagement.

With enticing offers, eye-catching landing pages, and

a seamless checkout process, this funnel entices your target audience to take advantage of exclusive discounts and coupons.

Watch as your conversions soar and customer loyalty strengthens with the persuasive impact of the "Discount and Coupon" funnel.


Complete Multi-Step Campaigns With Pre-Written Copy Templates ...Ready To Go At The Press Of A Button. No "Tech Stuff" Needed!

Here Are Some Of Our Pre-Made Funnels And Web Pages That You Can Start Using Right Away ...

The Classic "Opt-in" Funnel With Order Bump And One-Click Upsells!

This funnel has been tested with millions of visitors over the years, and we're proud to say it's been perfected.

One of the great features is the two-step order form, which automatically puts your cart-abandoners into a cart-abandon campaign. It's a convenient way to recover potentially lost sales.

We've also included order bumps and high-converting one-click upsell pages in the template. This makes it ideal for attracting cold traffic or using it alongside our pre-built 7-day sales sequence.

All you need to do is add your sales copy, and you're good to go! It's a hassle-free process that allows you to get your sales up and running smoothly.

The Flash Sale Funnel With Order Bump And One-Click Upsells!

This funnel is perfect for flash sales and special promotions like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sales page template is based on a highly successful flash sale promotion that's still in use today.

It includes a two-step order form, order bumps, and one-click upsells. Simply edit the copy, and you're good to go! Use it with retargeting traffic or our pre-built Flash Sale campaign with A.I. deadline.

The "Book Funnel" With Order Bump And One-Click Upsells!

Our sales letter template for this Book Funnel has been incredibly effective.

The funnel itself is equipped with a two-step order form, order bumps, and convenient one-click upsells.

All you need to do is edit the copy to suit your needs and you're ready to go! It's a versatile funnel that works well with cold traffic, our pre-built 7-day sales campaign, our pre-built new product announcement campaign, or our pre-built "watcher" campaign with A.I. Deadline..

The "Three Pitch Product Launch" Funnel With Order Bump And One-Click Upsells!

Included are an opt-in page for your pre-launch sequence, three video pages for your pre-launch content (each with an early bird opt-in form), an early bird sales page, and a "main" sales page.

It features order bumps and one-click upsell pages, allowing you to easily add your own content and get started.

Whether you're working with cold traffic or utilizing our pre-built Product Launch campaign with Early Bird A.I. and A.I. Deadline, this funnel is perfect for your launch needs.

The "On-Demand Class" Funnel (High Ticket and Direct Sale Versions!)

On-Demand Class funnels are an improved version of automated webinars and enhances conversions and trust by granting instant access to your webinar.

This funnel consists of a registration page, a broadcast page, a replay page, and a sales page equipped with a two-step order form, order bumps, one-click upsells, an application page and a scheduling page.

Simply insert your own content and copy, and you're all set to go!

The "Free Challenge" Funnel With VIP Sales Page, Order Bump, And One-Click Upsells!

Running free challenges is an excellent strategy for list building, fostering strong connections, and generating sales.

Our funnel includes a tried-and-tested registration page template that has proven effective, as well as a VIP sales page template featuring a two-step order form and order bumps. Additionally, one-click upsell pages are provided to maximize your revenue potential.

All you need to do is incorporate your own compelling copy and content, and you're ready to launch! This funnel is well-suited for attracting cold traffic or utilizing our pre-built new announcement campaign.

The "Agency" Sales Letter Funnel With Built In Application And Scheduler!

This powerful funnel leverages a highly effective direct response sales letter template that has successfully scaled three different agencies rapidly.

The template is designed to be simple, clean, and most importantly, it delivers results. What sets it apart is the built-in application form within the sales letter, allowing you to pre-qualify prospective clients before scheduling a meeting.

Additionally, the funnel includes a convenient scheduling page, enabling your prospects to easily book a call with you. Whether you're working with cold traffic or utilizing our pre-built new announcement campaign or appointment-getter campaign, this funnel has got you covered.

Simply customize the copy and content to suit your specific needs, and you're all set to launch your client acquisition efforts.

The Paid Challenge Funnel With VIP One-Click Upsells!

Paid challenges offer a fantastic opportunity to attract new email subscribers while monetizing them simultaneously.

Our funnel provides all the necessary components, including a sales page template, a two-step order form with an order bump feature, a one-click upsell page for VIP access, and additional one-click upsells to maximize your revenue potential.

With this ready-to-use funnel, all you need to do is insert your compelling copy and content, and you're ready to hit the ground running! It works seamlessly with cold traffic or can be effectively utilized alongside our pre-built new announcement campaign.

The "Bonus Bundle" Funnel With Order Bumps And One-Click Upsells!

The primary objective of this funnel is to convert subscribers into customers by providing an irresistible package of bonuses.

The sales page template has been rigorously tested and proven to deliver exceptional results, having generated thousands of conversions.

Included in the funnel is a two-step order form featuring order bumps, as well as one-click upsell pages to enhance the customer experience.

For optimal results, pair this funnel with our pre-built deadline campaign, and witness the influx of customers eagerly engaging with your offers.

We continuously add new funnels to our collection, ensuring a wide range of options to suit your needs. Additionally, our super-easy funnel builder empowers you to create custom web pages and funnels from scratch. In fact, the very page you're on right now was built using our funnel builder!

But that's not all. With Profit Pulse AI, we provide you with even more tools to effectively convert your leads into sales.


Here's Everything You Get When You Use Profit Pulse AI

  • OmniPresent Lead Capture (get leads from web chat, SMS, Messenger, web forms, and more)

(Worth $1997)

  • Facebook and Instagram Messenger Integration

(Worth $1997)

  • Pre-Written and Fully Automated Follow Up Campaigns

(Worth $1997)

  • Pre-Designed Funnel Sequence

(Worth $1997)

  • Social Media Integration and Scheduler

(Worth $1997)

  • Mobile Management with Lead Connector

(Worth $1997)

  • Missed Call Text Back with Training

(Worth $1997)

  • Membership Course Platform

(Worth $1997)


Total Value: $16,000+

Get Started for Only $197

and there's also the fact that ProfitPulseAI REPLACES most (if not all) of the expensive software you're probably already paying for.

This Replaces At Least $745 In Costs ...Each Month!

If you were to hire someone to create these fully automated follow-up campaigns for you and handle all the technical aspects to ensure flawless functionality, it would cost you a minimum of $2,000.00 per campaign.

Moreover, this estimation does not even take into account the value of the pre-written copy templates!

With this offer, you are receiving 12 complete campaigns that are already set up and ready to be customized and deployed. The value of such a package easily amounts to $16,000.

Similar considerations apply to the funnels. Just the design of a single funnel would typically cost around $2,000, focusing solely on the layout and overall visual appeal.

However, you will receive a total of nine funnel templates. Each template is based on high-converting pages and funnels that have proven their efficacy through extensive ad spending and attracting thousands of visitors.

The Savings ...

Plus, it has the capability to REPLACE a majority, if not all, of the expensive software that you might already be paying for.

Consider this: a quality funnel builder like ClickFunnels starts at $97 per month, with the pro version priced at $297. Similarly, reliable page builders such as Unbounce have a starting cost of $90 per month, and their enhanced version is priced at $225. InstaPage comes at $199 per month.

No question, these tools are valuable and worth their price.

Now, let's talk about the expenses associated with robust email systems. Take ActiveCampaign, for instance. Their most popular plan comes at $149 per month, and as your list size increases beyond 2,500 subscribers, the cost escalates. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) follows a similar pricing structure, starting at $169 per month, and that's only for a list size of 1,500 subscribers.

Again, these services are fantastic and definitely worth the investment.

Let's not forget the expenses related to web chat services. Intercom, known for its excellent web chat functionality, offers its cheapest package at $79 per month, but with an annual payment requirement.

Additionally, consider messenger apps like ManyChat, scheduling software like Calendly, and two-way texting software like SlickText. They all provide great features, but the costs quickly accumulate. Factoring in such services could add an extra $200 per month, assuming you have a relatively small subscriber list.

Now, let's delve into video. Platforms like Wistia, Vimeo, and other video players can range in price from a few dollars (if you have minimal viewership) to thousands of dollars every month.

With Profit Pulse AI, not only do you receive video hosting services, but it also tracks the duration your prospects spend watching the videos and enables appropriate follow-ups. This alone can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month.

When you average out and sum up all these expenses...

This Replaces At Least $745 In Costs ...Every Month!

What's really cool, is that everything is consolidated within a single system. You don't have to piece together various tools and suffer the headaches that come with that approach.

And here's another crucial point to remember: as excellent as those other tools may be, none of them offer our collection of pre-built templates and campaigns! By utilizing Profit Pulse AI, you not only save money but also precious time.

That's precisely why opting for Profit Pulse AI is an incredibly straightforward and wise decision.

Choose The Plan That Works For You!


$197 /Mo

  • 12 Pre-Built And Automated Follow Up Email Campaigns With Copy Templates.

  • Drag and Drop Custom Email Builder.

  • Drag And Drop Custom Automation Builder.

  • Campaign And Automation Reporting.

  • Automatic A.I. List Segmentation.

  • Connect To Your Current Website Through Zapier.

  • Facebook Lead Form Integration.

  • Live Support 7 Days Per Week.


$247 /Mo

Everything in the Essentials Plan.

  • Drag And Drop Funnel Builder.

  • Drag And Drop Website Builder.

  • Website Reporting For Sales And Leads.

  • Split Testing And Reporting.

  • 9 Pre-Built And Tested Direct Response Sales Funnels.

  • 6 Pre-Built Personal Branding Funnels.

  • Membership Site And Automated Course Delivery For Info-Products.

  • Facebook Conversion API Integration.

  • Live Support 7 Days Per Week.


$297 /Mo

Everything In The Professional Plan.

  • Calendar and Scheduling System.

  • Omnipresent Lead Capture (from Social messages, chatbots, and SMS).

  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM Integration.

  • Automated Social Media Posting and Scheduling.

  • Profit Pulse Strategies Unified Inbox.

  • Two-Way SMS.

  • Web-Chat to SMS.

  • Two-Way Messenger and DMs.

  • Click-To-Call From Local Number (all done from within Profit Pulse Strategies)

  • Automated SMS Follow Up.

  • Text-To-Pay (So you can close sales and get paid over text).

  • Facebook Custom Audience Integration For Automated Retargeting.

  • Live Support 7 Days Per Week.

  • Weekly Live Q&A With The Founder.

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